How Your Brain Could Be Sabotaging Your Success

How Your Brain Could Be Sabotaging Your Success

The Cognitive Biases that undermine our decision making and sabotage our success.

While most of us believe we are capable of making sound decisions based on the information available to us, our brains are constantly sabotaging our best efforts because of a fundamental flaw in the way it processes and interprets information.

Called cognitive bias, this flaw is our brains way of simplifying the processing of information about the world around us supplied to it by our senses, enabling us to make faster (though not necessarily better) decisions.

Not only are we generally unaware of these self-sabotaging thought patterns, they are regularly used against us -consciously or otherwise – by other people, politicians, advertisers, and marketers.

However, by being aware of these cognitive biases, we can become better decision makers, and avoid having this flaw of thinking used against us.

Business Insider recently looked at some of the research, and created the infographic below, highlighting 20 of the most common cognitive biases that can lead to poor decision-making. How many of these do you recognise in your own decision making?






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