Don’t Follow Your Passion!?

Don’t Follow Your Passion!?

Why “Following Your Passion” may be the worst advice you ever got…

The expression “Follow your passion” has become such a cliche that it has become blindly accepted by many career advisors, educational institutions and parents as good advice.

The problem is, the great majority of college students ‘passions’ revolve around sport, music, and art. Yet, sport, music, and the arts comprise only about 3 percent of all jobs, resulting in immense competition for a very limited number of highly sought-after jobs.

The second problem is that (apart from the feel-good passions mentioned above and pursuits such as playing video games), most young people in particular don’t really have any intrinsic or pre-existing passions.

Thirdly, our passions and interests can change considerably over time.

That’s not to say we shouldn’t be passionate about our life and our work, just that passion – like attitude – can and should be developed.

In this great video from, “Dirty Jobs” host Mike Rowe shares his thoughts on ‘following our passion’, and explains how it can actually get in the way of success.

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