ClickFunnels: Online Entrepreneur’s ‘Holy Grail’?

ClickFunnels: Online Entrepreneur’s ‘Holy Grail’?

A User Review of ClickFunnels

I’ve seen ClickFunnels referred to as a ‘sales funnel platform’… but to do so is to vastly understate its capabilities. It is actually a powerful integrated solution for online entrepreneurs which allows them to build high-converting landing pages, complete marketing and launch funnels, auto-webinars, membership sites, and more. It has a very advanced WYSIWYG page editor, includes mass email and split-testing capabilities, and is hosted in the cloud, so no third party hosting service is required.

Currently, ClickFunnels is $97 a month, or $297 for the ‘enterprise’ level plan. While this might seem a lot for someone starting out on a shoestring budget, it is the most cost effective way to hit the ground running for any aspiring online entrepreneur serious about building and scaling their online business as quickly as possible.

If your online business can’t afford $97 a month right now, WordPress along with Optimizepress or another good theme, along with other tools I recommended in OET is still a viable alternative, but expect a much steeper learning curve, and ongoing costs from plugins and other tools. In the long run, ClickFunnels will prove to be a wise investment.

The $97 monthly plan includes all the features I list below, along with 20,000 unique visitors/month, 20 individual sales funnels, 100 pages, and an unlimited number of members and contact leads. 

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The $297/month ‘Enterprise’ plan adds priority support, priority template requests, along with 100,000 unique visitors/month, 70 sales funnels, and 300 individual pages.

There is a $37 plan, but it is missing most of the features which make ClickFunnels such a great platform, so I definitely don’t recommend it. (It is so limited in fact, that I suspect it is only included to give them a direct price comparison with LeadPages $37 entry level plan.)

When you consider the other tools it replaces, and what they cost, ClickFunnels is exceptional value. For comparison, here are some other premium level SaaS tools you won’t need if you use ClickFunnels, along with their cost:

LeadPagesstarting at $37/month. ($67/month if you want A/B split-testing which is included in ClickFunnels $97 plan). LeadPages is a very popular landing page builder which allows you to build high converting landing pages which are hosted on LeadPages servers.

Kajabi$99/month. Content delivery and membership site platform. Limited to 3 membership sites (or Kajabi Projects) and 1000 members.

Countdown Monkey – $9.95/month. Web based countdown timer.

Visual Website Optimizerstarting at $49/month. For split-testing.

Stealth Seminar $97, then $70/month. Allows you to run auto-webinars.

HeliumStripe integrated shopping cart. 2% fee per transaction in addition to Stripe’s fees.

While ClickFunnels is good value judged purely on the basis that it replaces all the above tools, for me the real value (and and the thing that sets it apart from anything else on the market currently), lies in the elegant way that it integrates it’s impressive feature set and allows you to easily build any type of marketing funnel you can imagine.

Ease of use and flexibility are often mutually exclusive when it comes to software tools, but ClickFunnels is intuitive to use, without sacrificing functionality or flexibility. As an example, (unlike LeadPages templates), ClickFunnels page templates are fully editable in the page editor, or you can build any page you can think of from scratch …and much more quickly than other editors I’ve used, for example Optimizepress 2.0 and other WordPress themes and plugins.

CF also has the ability, if you so choose, to use pages you have built inside ClickFunnels in another funnel-building tool, or say a platform like Warrior Plus or JVZoo …so you’re not locked into the ClickFunnels ecosystem.

Another example of it’s flexibility: Although it has complete funnel templates built-in for 5 main funnel types (a basic Optin Lead Capture Funnel, a more complex Sales Funnel, an Auto Webinar Funnel, a Membership Funnel, and a Launch Funnel), you can completely modify each funnel template, adding or deleting up-sells, down-sells, or any other pages,

…or build any kind of funnel you can conceive, completely from scratch.

It integrates with all the major email autoresponders, or you can even have ClickFunnels send out smart follow up email sequences for you, based on the actions leads take in your funnel, so you may not need to use an outside email service …a further cost saving worth considering if you are building your online business on a tight budget. (They are also planning to include a complete autoresponder solution in the future, which means most marketers will be able to ditch their current third party autoresponder service).

I don’t want to give the impression that there is no learning curve with ClickFunnels …there is – it is an exceedingly powerful platform however, the consistent design philosophy means a much reduced learning curve compared to having to learn and integrate dozens of different tools all with totally different approaches to interface design.

I was able to master the basic features very quickly (and I’m a non-techie, right-brain kind of guy).

For example I can set up complete membership sites in CF far more quickly than I was ever able to do using say Optimizepress and DAP, or WishList Member. (In fact, I have had to outsource the setting up of memberships sites in Digital Access Pass in the past because I just couldn’t get my head around it!)

Other notable features of ClickFunnels are:

  • Build Membership Sites with drip-fed and locked content.
  • Digital Asset Delivery.
  • Webinar Funnels.
  • Automated Webinar Funnels.
  • One Click Upsells.
  • Two Step Optins.
  • Powerful and easy to use WYSIWYG editor for creating pages including countdown timers and optin popups etc.
  • Easily rearrange funnel order on the fly.
  • Detailed stats for every step in your funnel.
  • A/B Split Testing.
  • Fully customisable order forms.
  • Full Integration with payment processors, including the easy-to-use Stripe.
  • Fully hosted, so you may not need additional hosting (unless you have a blog etc.).
  • 100% Mobile Responsive.

New features are being added constantly, and their competitors appear to be scrambling to keep up.

Other features in the pipeline: (May be implemented by the time you read this!)

  • An Affiliate Management System.
  • Order Form ‘Bumps’.
  • A WordPress Plugin.
  • More payment processor options including Braintree.
  • Integration with InfusionSoft, Ontraport, and other platforms.
  • Advanced Email Segmentation and other email features which will completely replace the need for a third party autoresponder service.
  • A Form Builder (in addition to the already available order forms).

There is another feature in ClickFunnels with huge potential that it’s easy to overlook, and that is the ability to share funnels with others with a CF account. It works like this: Create your funnel in ClickFunnels which you want to share with your team/affiliates/joint venture partners/niche, etc. Once your funnel is complete, you can then hit the “Share Funnel” button at the top of your funnel to make the completed funnel available to your team members.

Once they click on that share link, the entire funnel (just as you built it) will be immediately imported into their own ClickFunnels account. They would then just hook up their own autoresponder and payment processor, etc., and go through all the common setup routines that any ClickFunnels user normally goes through.

One of the criteria I place heavy emphasis on when considering any online tool for inclusion in OET, is support. Too many online companies use outsourced support with little direct product knowledge, providing generic customer support responses.

ClickFunnels appear committed to a high level of customer support. I have found their US-based support crew to be very helpful, with in-depth knowledge of the system, and on a number of occasions they have recorded a video specifically to answer a question I have had.  Support queries are generally answered within 24 hours, and usually much quicker.

They provide 7day/24hour help, and they have told me that they will be adding more support staff to cope with demands as they grow …including an Australian based support staff member to augment their US based after hours staff. Overall I rate their support as the best I have experienced …I hope they maintain this level of support as they grow!

It’s worth noting that at the time of writing, ClickFunnels is still a very new platform, and therefore not totally bug free, but having said that, any issues I’ve been aware of have been resolved quickly, and it is remarkably bug-free compared to other platforms I’ve used at such an early stage of their development. 

I am confident it will continue to evolve and improve into an even more polished and powerful online marketing platform over the coming months and years. 

Russell Brunson told me that he is even selling off other businesses to focus on ClickFunnels and DotComSecrets, (his training business), so I have no doubt he’s in for the long haul!

Finally, there are two things I want to mention that aren’t mentioned in ClickFunnel’s sales page, that add even more value:

There’s a very active and supportive Facebook group for users which is monitored very closely by head support honcho Chris Moore, and also there is a weekly training webinar on ClickFunnel features. In addition to this, Russell will personally be doing a weekly webinar series for all ClickFunnels members called “Did You Know?” where he talks about new features and shows a bunch of cool, ninja stuff you can do inside of ClickFunnels, followed by a Q&A session.

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