Build My List 2.0 – Hype Free Review & Bonus

Build My List 2.0 – Hype Free Review & Bonus


Email marketing should be the core of your online business, and if it isn’t, Jimmy Kim’s comprehensive list building and email marketing training Build My List 2.0 could be just what you need to get started. 

Marketing research tells us that it takes as many as 7-10 contacts with a new potential client before they are likely to purchase.  In effect, if you are just sending traffic to your web site without adding that traffic to your email list, you are probably losing most of the business you could be generating.

In May 2015, Jimmy Kim released a program called Build My List. In Build My List V1, Jimmy laid out the list building principles he had learnt firstly as a student of Anik Singal, (and subsequently CEO  and Co-Founder with Anik of autoresponder company SendLane), and refined over the following 6 years he spent building his multi-million dollar online empire.

The program included Jimmy’s ‘$25K Case Study’ in which he put his theories to the test, in order to prove that anyone just starting out – with no list, no affiliate connections, and in a niche they are not particularly knowledgeable in – can achieve success using his methods.

In the case study, Jimmy entered a niche he had little knowledge of, had no team doing the work for him, and, on order to replicate the results anyone just starting out might expect as closely as possible – didn’t use his own name. 

Within a couple of months he was earning the kind of income that most people working a J-O-B can only dream of.

Build My List 1 went on to sell to 9000 customers, and 500 have reported that thanks to BML they were able to make their first dollar online. This is an excellent success rate compared to most other programs out there.

While the success rate among his Build My List 1 students was exceptional, Jimmy was determined to get an even higher student success rate, and in the months since the launch of BML1, he and his team have been working on Build My List 2.0, with more automation, more tools, more information, and more traffic sources… to provide students with everything they need to build a successful email-based online business.

So, what is Build My List version 2.0, and how does it differ from V1?

Well, first off, Build My List 2.0 isn’t just a relaunch of V1… It’s a brand new product from the ground up, with a newly designed member’s area and a new interface. It incorporates some major changes from BML1 based on student feedback and Jimmy’s determination to take the training to another level.

What does the Build My List 2.0 Package consist of?

The core training videos in Build My List 2.0 consists of five steps, with everything clearly laid out in a well organised members area, 3 Months Auto responder subscription (with, Point & Click Landing Page Builder (With, Daily Power Calls with Jimmy, and a brand-able Custom Build My List E-book to giveaway to customers for list-building.

The home page features a welcome video by Jimmy and a walk through of the members area to get you started quickly. There’s also a link to sign up for Jimmy’s ‘power calls’ which happen daily for the first 30-60 days.

If you’re a busy person you will no doubt have been frustrated by training videos that are badly presented and overly long with unnecessary padding and fluff. If so, you’ll be pleased to know that the videos in BML2.0 are all short (generally round 3 to 8 minutes), with no unnecessary verbiage or fluff – and easy to understand and digest.

Step 1 – “List Secrets”. This is the basic training module of Build My List 2.0 and consists of a welcome video and 11 training videos covering everything from the basics of list building to more advanced topics, from what is list building, to what components & tools you need. These videos cover the fundamentals of email marketing such as building your ‘one page website’ (aka squeeze page), writing emails, single vs couple optin, how to find your own ‘voice’ and build a solid relationship with your list, the ‘thank you’ page, and understanding ‘opens’ & ‘clicks’.

Step 2 – “The Profit Machine”. This covers getting set up and using Sendlane, and how to get your free 3 Months SendLane autoresponder subscription. While this module teaches how to set up and use Sendlane specifically, the general principles apply to any good auto-responder, although Sendlane is unique (to my knowledge) in that it includes a free landing page builder, so you can get started without a website. 

If you already use another auto-responder service like Aweber, GetResponse, or Active campaign, this module will help make the switch easy, but it it certainly not necessary to do so. However, Sendlane has been developed by marketers (Anik Singal & Jimmy Kim) for marketers, and although Sendlane don’t have the profile of the big dogs such as Aweber and Getresponse, they are building a solid reputation in the industry with very good deliverability and open rates, so you’d be silly not to take advantage of the free 3 months offer. (This is only available to BML students as far as I’m aware).

It’s worth noting here that if you use another platform for your sales funnels or landing pages, Sendlane is integrated with ClickFunnels, and can be used with most other platforms like Lead Pages with the ‘integration’ option and using raw HTML.

Step 3 – “Max Commissions”. The 9 videos in this step go in-depth into finding and promoting the best offers for your list and cover finding a niche, finding offers, setting up your ‘bait’ or lead magnet, and how you can promote BML for 100% commission! (With BML Pro Membership).

Step 4 – “Business Wizard”. This is where the rubber meets the road! This module shows you exactly how to use the Web site builder that’s included free with Sendlane to set up your squeeze page and includes 10 landing page swipes you can use as is or modify, how to write great copy and headlines for your squeeze/landing pages that will convert, example pages, and more.

Step 5 – “Instant Traffic Triggers”. Traffic is the secret to scaling fast and the fuel that will really take your list-building success to the next level. Jimmy discusses multiple traffic sources and how you can take advantage of them to get the best return on investment (ROI).

These ten videos go into the pro’s and con’s of free vs paid traffic, Facebook traffic training, free traffic training, and other free and paid traffic sources that Jimmy uses.

Bonus Training. There are 4 videos in the bonus section including Jimmy’s $25K Case Study, an intro to the BML Facebook group, how you can potentially save yourself a lot of wasted time and money by having your offer review by a coach before going live, and how to get further help.

Daily 15 Minute Power Calls. I’ve already mentioned these, but want to talk about them a bit more. These are live daily webinar coaching calls (30 in all) delivered by Jimmy and his BML coaches in which they provide motivation, inspiration, and advice on getting the most out of the BML system. They are recorded, so if you can’t attend live, you can watch them later.


What sort of marketer would Jimmy be if he didn’t offer additional value in the form of upsells, eh? :) Here are the product upgrades also being released, including a short description and price:

BML Pro – Cost $98

  • 30 Done WITH You Templates and Themes – More of our BEST templates + words
  • BML Headliner Software – Enter a keyword and browse my 7,200+ different subject lines! Incredibly cool software!
  • 10 Pack Giveaway Gift Pack – You brand them, you give them away as your own.
  • Click Perfect – 90 Day Access – Track your clicks to the T.
  • 100% Commission for Private Funnel of BML 2.0 

BML Elite Inner Circle $97

  • 10 Weeks Bootcamp via Webinar Training – Every Tuesday
  • Access to the Private Elite FB Group
  • Business Review from Jimmy Kim (I’ll review your pages and funnels personally)
  • Special Traffic Buy’s and Discounts
  • Lifetime Access to Urgency Timer Software
  • VIP Support – Fast Tracks support- Bumps you to front of line

The Pro’s

BML2.0 is a very well structured and comprehensive video training. V2.0 is not simply a relaunch of V1, but a completely new program from the ground up. It incorporates some major changes from BML1, based on student feedback and Jimmy’s desire to take the training up a notch.

BML2.0 includes not only first-class training, but also all the tools you require to get started in list building – including your first 3 months of auto responder free with Jimmy’s company Sendlane.

If you’ve ever bought any training programs in the IM niche where the coach or trainer was hard to follow, the training was of poor quality, their accent was hard to follow… or maybe you just didn’t warm to them, I think you will love BML.

…Jimmy is that rare combination of knowledgeable (and highly successful) entrepreneur and natural teacher, as well as being a really nice down-to-earth and honest guy, so I can promise you you won’t be disappointed on that front.

I have my dispassionate reviewers hat on right now, so I am doing my best to temper my enthusiasm for BML 2.0 and avoid any hype, but I just have to say it… in terms of value for money, this course really is a steal. I’m actually surprised Jimmy has retained the same pricing as V1, as that was underpriced for the value it provides, and 2.0 is a step up again.

>>Click Here To Get Instant Access To BML2.0 Plus My Bonuses<<

The Cons

I’m actually struggling to find any real fault with BML, but if you prefer PDF’s to video training you may be disappointed to learn that BML2.0 is a video based course. However, even if this is the case, I would still highly recommend you get over any dislike you may have for video training, and get the training anyway.

Also, to offset this, I’m giving my comprehensive 220 page PDF email & list building training “Email Marketing Paydirt” away as a bonus to everyone who buys through my link. ‘EMP’ is an excellent complement to BML and an essential reference for all email marketers from beginner to advanced – well worth the price of admission on it’s own.

…See below for more details about this.

Is Build My List 2.0 For Me?

BML2.0 is for anyone who is serious about succeeding online, regardless of their niche. Whether you are brand new to online marketing or have been doing it for some time, building a list is the most important single thing you can do to ensure the long term success of your business. Jimmy’s new training could be the key to finally putting all the pieces of email marketing together for you.

This course is not for you if you you’re not serious about making money online. It’s also not for you if you’re not prepared to invest the time to watch the videos and take action on the strategies taught and it’s definitely not for you if you are looking for a get-rich-quick plan.

Build My List 2.0 – The Verdict

Jimmy has over $50 million in sales under his belt since he joined the online marketing niche 6 years ago, and with this program, its not just about building a list, but about how to build a sustainable business based on his down-to-earth but easy and practical list building methods.

Jimmy has certainly taken to heart the quote from Albert Einstein “Things should be as simple as possible, but no simpler”. The training covers everything you need to know to get started (or get ‘unstuck’ if you have hit a roadblock in your list building), without over complicating things.

There are many much higher priced email marketing / list building training products out there, but for sheer value, in my opinion, there’s nothing to touch BML2.0. Even just the free 90 days of autoresponder subscription with Jimmy’s company Sendlane is worth more than the cost of admission on it’s own.

While I recommend the up-sells – and they add considerable value – the basic BML2.0 package stands on it’s own, so you absolutely don’t need them if you are on a tight budget.

You can sign up for Build My List 2.0 HERE. My exclusive bonuses will be available via JVZoo immediately after payment. Make sure you check out my bonuses below.

Build My List 1 Members – Existing (v1) members of Build My List will be given a special COUPON code to upgrade to V2.0. for 1 penny. While most vendors charge existing members for upgrades, Jimmy says he doesn’t feel it’s fair to do so. (Other product vendors take note!)  Just be aware that the product upgrades are NOT free for existing members, due to the major changes and additional value as well as the associated costs.

Build My List 2.0 Bonus

Build My List 2.0 BonusBonus 1 – Email Marketing Paydirt.

I’m offering my highly acclaimed book “Email Marketing Paydirt” as a bonus to everyone who buys through my affiliate link. EMP is an evergreen 220 page PDF guide that will take your email marketing and list building to the next level. It is the perfect companion guide to Build My List 2.o… it is very well indexed, and you will find yourself referring to it time and time again.

Here are just a few of the many testimonials I’ve received for “Email Marketing Paydirt”…

“Forrest has got a winner here this is 222 pages of pure evergreen gold, these are timeless strategies and techniques that can be used to rake in profits, grow your list, and your business!” –

Anthony Aires, Online Marketer

“Wow Forrest – What a fantastic and detailed manual!

From opt-in pages, to autoresponders, to list segmentation, to maximizing conversions – it is all clearly outlined! You created an amazing step by step guide, explained not only the purpose and why one may need it, but you also beautifully outlined the set up and implementation!

If you are starting out, you must get this! Even if you have been at it for a while, you can build a bigger, more responsive list, in the fastest time possible, if you put even a few of the following strategies into action.”

Andrea Hale – Marketing & Business Strategist, Phoenix, AZ.

“For the new entrepreneur this will prepare you with step-by-step instructions, and screenshots from where to start. For the non-techy, this book will walk you step-by-step from what and how to use technology to your advantage. What metrics to watch out for and how to scale and grow your business.

For the experienced internet marketer this is a welcome refresher in the practices that made us successful with more than a few aha moments of – darn, I forgot about that!”

Ruben Santiago, Co-founder and COO of Marketing Automation Systems, LLC.

“I will definitely keep this instructional resource close for an easy-to-use reference. I highly recommend Email Marketing Paydirt!”

Tony McDougle

Build My List 2.0 BonusBonus 2 – “The Online Entrepreneur’s Toolbox”.

‘OET’ is my comprehensive resource guide to the best free and paid tools available for online entrepreneurs, including marketing platforms and landing page sales funnel tools, WordPress plugins and themes, tracking tools, SEO tools, video tools, writing tools and much, much more. It even includes my list of 20 books that deserve to have a place in the bookshelf of every online entrepreneur.

Sign Up For Build My List 2.0 along with my bonuses Here.

You will get immediate access to my bonuses “Email Marketing Paydirt” and “The Online Entrepreneur’s Toolbox” through JVZoo.

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