About Me

Welcome to PaydirtPublishing.com – a resource to help those wanting to build an Internet based life-style business and work from home.

My name is Forrest Smyth. I’m a New Zealand based online entrepreneur with a lofty goal: to empower other aspiring work from home entrepreneurs and small business owners to leverage the Internet to build a sustainable income, and live life on their own terms.

For most of my life I have made my living as a photographer, and although most of my time is now taken up with online marketing, I still undertake photographic projects that present a challenge. You can see some of my photography HERE.

About three years ago – with the photographic industry suffering PDSS (post-digital stress syndrome), and more and more commercial photographers chasing a smaller and smaller piece of the pie – I started to look at alternative ways to make money.

I first looked into ‘wholesaling’ houses in the US, setting up a US based company. I did some deals, but because of the time difference between New Zealand and the US, it quite challenging, and so I decided to focus my energies on digital information publishing.

Why Paydirt Publishing?

pay dirt

1. (Mining & Quarrying) a deposit rich enough in minerals to be worth mining
2. strike pay dirt hit pay dirt to achieve one’s objective
(Collins English Dictionary)

The Internet is truly the gold rush of the digital age, and offers an unprecedented opportunity for people from all walks of life to achieve personal and financial freedom beyond their wildest dreams, from anywhere on the planet, provided they have an internet connection.


Who is this site for?


It’s for those with expensive tastes, without the income (yet) to match. It’s for those who believe there is more to life than trading their life for the security of a 9 to 5  job and understand that the Internet offers a path to their dreams, but aren’t quite sure where to start.

In a nutshell… my aim is to help you achieve your ideal lifestyle through a holistic approach bringing together tested online marketing tools and training …underpinned by a commitment to personal growth. 


Some mildly interesting facts…


  • I live in Wellington, New Zealand, where I have a 23 second commute from my house to a 5-level ‘Tuscan style’ tower where I have my office and studio.
  • I once drove a 120 tonne diesel-electric truck hauling pay dirt*, in Western Australia. (*Iron ore, rather than gold.)
  • I dabbled briefly in US real estate as a ‘virtual’ wholesaler (from NZ) before focussing on online marketing.
  • When I arrived in London as a struggling young photographer in the late 70’s, I worked as a cleaner briefly part-time and had a cup of tea with Pete Townshend of ‘The Who’, after cleaning his carpets. (Bonus fact: Pete is a very keen photographer).
  • Because of my love of good food, great wine, and craft beer, I need to fast 2 days a week and work out to stay trim.
  • I have a constant battle with two of the biggest enemies of the entrepreneur – procrastination & perfectionism.